Wearing elastic is extremely important during your treatment.

In order for the teeth to move, it is important to exert force in the direction we need.

Before you leave the office, make sure you understand where to place your elastics.

At first you will probably need a mirror, but you will get used to it very quickly, and you will be able to place them quickly without a mirror.

Change the position of your teeth with the elastics...Your teeth will move in the direction given by your elastics.

It is necessary to wear them day and night except during meals.

You can remove them before brushing and put them back on right after.

If a rubber band breaks, change it immediately, always have some on you!

If you don't wear your elastics, your teeth won't move!

If you put them in irregularly, your teeth will come back in the wrong place every time.s

Une journée sans élastiques, c’est une semaine de traitement en plus,aso don't forget them, it's all up to you!